Allow filtering by a PCs "Display Name"



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  • Ola Lund Reppe

    Hi Matthew,

    no, they are actually not the same name, and it is not possible:

    Computer name and it display name
    are both connected to A WATS Client running from a identifiable computer, with the computers actual machine name being the computer name in the WATS system manager. In the system manager you can give this computer a different and more understandable name. These two names, are however not necessarily the same at the Station Name property of a UUT report. The computer display name does not exist in the UUT reports, and apart from a link to the level it originates from, there is no direct link between the two.
    One of the reasons for this, is that one computer can in some cases upload UUT's from different test stations.

    Station name on the UUT report
    is what is used in any reports. This name is part of the UUT's header data, and will in some cases and when no station name is specified be the same as computer name when uploaded. But there is no link to the computers display name. If you want to change the name displayed in a reports UUT.StationName this must be added to the UUT before submitting it.  

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