How to use Manual Inspection in a more efficient way?




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    Andreas Kristensen

    Hi, Sami.

    No, that's not currently possible, but we have discussed it internally and we feel this is something we could improvement in an upcoming version. The proposed solution would be to have toggle buttons related to each of the fields to determine if the values should be kept in the input fields when a unit is cleared. That way you could tell Wats to keep for instance the part number but clear the serial number.

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  • Andreas Kristensen

    Also, note that if you are using a barcode scanner, it is possible to automate this. WATS supports reading all reaquired fields (part number, serial number etc) with a separator (which is / by default)

    So having barcodes, you could simply swap out the serial number and use a scanner to automatically check in the unit. If your barcode only contains the serial number, or you are manually typing in the data, this won't help much of course.

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  • Sami Leskinen

    Hi Andreas,

    Thank you for your quick response. I feel like this improvement would be a big increase in productivity. Looking forward for the upcoming versions.
    Sadly the alternative wouldn't have nearly as big of an impact. 

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