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    Andreas Kristensen

    Hi Kenneth

    This currently isn't possible, as the widgets doesn't include the toolbar above the grid (containing this information, export options and so on).

    The closest thing in the dashboard would be to add a separate Test status widget:

    This widget also has options to further make the view more compact. So you can for instance set the View option to Legend, to hide the actual pie chart and only display the legend. You can also check the Table view legend in order to make it a compact table, looking like this:

    However, there are a couple of minor shortcomings using this method: 1. you cant render the values horizontally and 2. you don't get a total reports number (unless you keep the pie chart visible). I'll make a note of this however, and we might make some improvements regarding this in a future version. 

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  • Kenneth Metzsch

    Thank you....this is a solution that works fine.

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