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    Andreas Kristensen

    Hi Fabien

    The test reports pie chart can be added to the dashboard. There is however av small bug in the current version, where the widget resides in the yield category, instead of the test and repair category:

    As for the numbers, they are not accumulated. So for instance, if you look at the following example:

    the actual count for third pass yields (TPY) would be 4 641 + 132 + 24 = 4 797, which is 96,4% of the total of 4 975 units.

    I'm assuming what you would like to see is the number 4 797 instead of 24 in this example? We agree this would be useful, and will add this as an option to the widget in the next maintenance release. I don't have an exact date for when we'll ship this yet, but shouldn't be more that a few of weeks.

    In your example with Last pass yield (LPY), that would mean the number of units that passed sometime after the third run.

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  • Tom Andres Lomsdalen


    1: # is (unit) count
    There should be a popup describing eavh column in the latest WATS version

    2: if you use the dynamic yield report, you may choose from more column options like fail count, PPM, retest count etc.

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  • fabien de barros

    Hello and thank you for your answer :)

    I'm sorry but i don't speek about a specific yield report but about the widget. 

    For example on the picture below i print the LPY and FPY but the number after # isn't clear. I need to understand that the number of product that will be OK with the LPY is only 18 ? There isn't any popup that explain that on widget :(.

    And on this widget i can't just obtain the percentage of KO (i don't find it^^) 


    I would like to have the same graphic than those in test report for example but there isn't exists in widget no ? 

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