Get SW Root folder in LabVIEW




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    Ola Lund Reppe

    Hi, yes that is possible.
    In the dll Virinco.WATS.WATS-Core.dll there is a static class Virinco.WATS.Env that has a string property Virinco.WATS.Env.MESSoftwareDistributionRoot that holds the path for the software root folder.

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  • Anders Kristiansen

    Also, we will add a method or property for getting the folder path, that compliments the new SetRootFolderPath method in the MES Software API. That would be easier to use.

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  • Erijensen

    Hi Ola and Anders

    Thanks for the excellent replies! I haven't found the time to test it yet, but if I encounter any issues I'll let you know!

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