Manually set the last calibration date on assets




  • Anders Kristiansen


    With the rest API you can use PUT api/Asset to create an asset and set lastCalibrationDate, lastMaintenanceDate, totalCount and runningCount to their initial values.

    With the WATS Client API you can create an asset, and then call AssetHandler.Calibration and AssetHandler.Maintenance with the dateTime parameter set to the actual previous calibration/maintenance date. To set total count and running count to their correct values, first use AssetHandler.IncrementAssetUsageCount with the usageCount parameter set to 'actual total count' minus 'actual running count', then call AssetHandler.ResetRunningCount (only available in WATS Client 6.1 in beta now, releasing soon), and finally call AssetHandler.IncrementAssetUsageCount again with actual running count (increasing usage count increases both running count and total count, so to get it right initially requires some fiddling).

    In the Asset Manager you can create an asset, but Last calibration date will be now. The Reset calibration/maintenance buttons don't let you specify the date the calibration or maintenance happened, so you can't get around it that way. Setting total count and running count can be done in the same manner as in the WATS Client API using the Increase count and Reset buttons under running count.

    Is it in the Asset Manager you want to be able to do this?


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  • Erijensen

    Yes, setting these values in the Asset Manager was what I wanted. 

    I had not checked if this was possible to change using the API. Thank you for pointing that out.

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