Install package to different folder.


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  • Anders Kristiansen

    I think there are 2 ways you could accomplish this.

    The first is to include an executable file (a .bat file or powershell script perhaps) in the package that will copy the other files in the package to the correct location (basically an installer), and in the Production Manager set the attribute on this file to ExecuteAlways so it will automatically be executed when the package is installed/updated.


    The other way is to change the root folder for software packages before downloading this specific package, then changing the root folder back afterwards. Note that for example the WATS Package Manager will think the package has an update available because the files are missing from the current root folder.

    In WATS Client 6.0 the only way to change the software root folder is manually in the WATS Client Configurator (under Software). This changes where packages will be installed from now on, but does not move installed packages.

    In WATS Client 6.1 (currently in beta) changing the software root folder in the WATS Client Configurator will move the installed packages to the new folder, so doing it manually will no longer work for you. But we have added a new method to the software API, Virinco.WATS.Interface.MES.Software.Software.SetRootFolderPath(), which lets you set the root folder programmatically, optionally without moving existing packages.

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