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    Ragnar Engnes

    Hi Johnny

    This is really easy. In the main menu, select Reporting and then Export Wizard.


    From WATS Help:

    Export Wizard

    The Export Wizard lets you export Test and Repair report data to various formats.


    A type, data source, and format must be selected, and the report filter is shown after this is done. Additionally, if the data source and format combination supports it, options for which details to output is shown. All types of options are automatically saved when a change is performed to persist them between user visits. When Selected steps is chosen as data source; selected sequences, steps and step grouping is saved as well.

    Options for type, data source and format


    Data source


    Test reports

    All, Header, Selected steps, Chart data

    Excel, CSV




    WSXF (ZIP)

    Attachments (files)


    Repair report

    All, Header

    Excel, CSV, WSXF (ZIP)

    Attachments (files)


    Certificates (UUT)

    All, Header, Selected steps


    PDF (ZIP)

    WSXF: WATS Standard XML Format



     NOTE: The Excel, CSV and PDF formats are intended to be used by humans. Automation tools built around these formats easily break when new additions or fixes are added to the formats. The WSXF format (XML) is better for automation, because it is still readable by custom automation tools even if there are new data fields that the tool does not support.


    After a data source and format has been selected, and depending if the combination of these support it, groups of checkboxes appear to let you choose which details to output, or to choose how the output should be formatted. A disabled checkbox indicates that the output is unavailable.


    Header Details

    Details from Test/Repair header data

    Step Details

    Details from Test report step data. The default value for the Numeric Format option is maintained from My Settings, and if changed in Step Details, the new value will only persist throughout the browser session.

    Failure Details

    Details from Repair report failure data


    Formatting options for Certificate:


    View Step Hierarchy

    Indents the text to visualize the step hierarchy (root/sub step)


    Sign Certificate

    Inserts the uploaded signature image to the bottom left of a certificate page. Additionally, if a user display name exists, this will be printed below the signature. If this option is checked and a signature image haven’t been uploaded in My Settings (My Profile), a warning sign is shown.


    Report Filter

    The report filter requires one or multiple test operations if Selected steps or Chart data is chosen as data source. If type is Test report or Certificate (Test report), you may also filter on Run (All, First, Second or Last).


    Export Summary/Progress

    When the report filter has been applied, the export summary provides the number of reports which will be exported, as well as the selected data source, format and which types of steps that will be included in the export. When one or multiple reports have been selected, the “Export” button is visible. After the export has been initiated, a progress bar indicates the current progress. You can leave the page while the export is doing work, an email will be sent when it is complete. If you want to cancel the export, click the “Cancel” button. When the export is complete, the “Download” button appears. When the download has been started, the modal background disappears and the browser will request to either open or save the file (depending on browser settings).

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