Generating urls for specific filter settings (REST API)




  • Ragnar Engnes

    One solution is to use the API to query the test results. Here is an example:



            public void LoadUUTReport()


                TDM api = new TDM();


                WatsReportHeader[] h = api.FindReports("(PN eq 'FATPartNo') and (ReportType eq 'UUT')", 1);

                Assert.AreEqual(1, h.Length);

                UUTReport r = (UUTReport)api.LoadReport(h[0].Guid.ToString());



                UUTPartInfo[] pInfo = r.PartInfo;

                Assert.AreEqual(2, pInfo.Length);


                Step[] allSteps = r.AllSteps;

                Step[] failedSteps = r.FailedSteps;

                Step[] specificSteps = r.FindSteps("SinglePass", "/pass/fail tests/");


                SequenceCall[] allSequenceSteps = r.AllSteps.OfType<SequenceCall>().ToArray();


                NumericLimitStep stepOfInterest = r.AllSteps.Where(s => s.Name == "SingleGELEFail").FirstOrDefault() as NumericLimitStep;


                NumericLimitTest numericLimitTest = stepOfInterest.Tests[0];

                Assert.AreEqual(500, numericLimitTest.NumericValue);

                Assert.AreEqual(501, numericLimitTest.LowLimit);

                Assert.AreEqual(502, numericLimitTest.HighLimit);


                StringValueStep stringValueStepFromMultiple = r.AllSteps.Where(s => s.Name == "Multiple tests" && s.StepPath == "/stringvalue tests/").FirstOrDefault() as StringValueStep;


                StringValueTest stringValueTest = stringValueStepFromMultiple.Tests.Where(t => t.MeasureName == "MultiCasePass").FirstOrDefault();


                Assert.AreEqual("CaseSensitive", stringValueTest.StringValue);

                Assert.AreEqual("CaseSensitive", stringValueTest.StringLimit);


                Step graphStep = r.FindSteps("Fibionacci", null).First();

                Chart chart = graphStep.Chart;

                double[] xValues, yValues;

                chart.Series[0].GetValues(out xValues, out yValues);

                Assert.AreEqual(13, xValues.Length);


                Attachment attachment = r.FindSteps("Attach file", null).First().Attachment;

                Assert.AreEqual("winhlp32.exe", attachment.FileName);

                Assert.IsTrue(attachment.Data.Length > 10);





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  • Czyzewska Bogna

    Hi Ragnar,
    Thank you, but if I'm reading this code correctly, it'll only work to download raw report data. Yield reports, test & step analysis and so on are still out of reach.

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  • Permanently deleted user

    That's exactly I'm looking for as well.
    I would like to be able to paste such a link into a test report ,Jira story or in Confluence.

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  • Tommy Egeberg


    You may get the result you want in the rest API.

    The app section have actions to list UUTs or get yield calculations by a filter.


    You may also try to generate your own links with help of the "share filter" behavior. You will manually have to base64 encode your filter.



    The base64 encoded part looks like this:





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  • Permanently deleted user

    What I meant is that it would be awesome if we can fill up the filter parameters over the URL.
    Because if I do a "Test step yield & analysis" and if I want to refer this results into a report then it would be great if I could add a link in this report which would lead to the results on Wats.
    Now I need to write down all the required filter parameters into the report that others are able to reproduce these results in Wats.
    One approach would be to make a specific filter but to make a filter for each reference it would end up in a mess.

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