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    Andreas Kristensen

    Hi David

    The max file size of attach file was increased to 2 MB in, so for both this is the limit. Note that the 5.0 client supports configurable max limit, so with this, it is possible to increase the limit. Still 2 MB is a recommended limit, as have large attachments of course can have potential issues with the database.

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  • David Keatings

    Hi Andreas

    Thanks for the quick response.

    The software release notes for version states that the limit has been increased to 1MB. Has it since been increased to 2MB.


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  • Andreas Kristensen

    Hi again David.

    You are quite right, I was a bit quick with that response. It is indeed 1 MB for 4.2 after, and configurable for 5.0, with a (recommended) default limit of 2 MB.

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