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  • Tom Andres Lomsdalen

    Hi Patrick,


    So, basically what you get in the "Connection & execution time" report, but split into periods?

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  • Steiner, Patrick

    Hi Tom,

    yes that is what we had in mind. If the information about average/median time could be split into time periods like it is already possible with Yield etc., that would already be very helpful. Currently, this can only be done either by manually and sequentially setting start and end date in the filter or by exporting the table above and using the raw data in another program.

    What might also be interesting for our customers would be the option to have the same type of analysis options for step times as you have with the step result values in the test step and yield analysis. You already list the top 10 step times so it could be an idea to allow clicking on that step and see the execution time over time (much like graph we have for e.g. the numeric result values of a step). 

    Hope that clarifies the idea. let me know if you need more inputs.



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  • Stoeckmann, Harald

    Hello Tom

    We are looking for exactly the same thing as Patrik.

    The possibility to analyze the test step execution time over time in "Test step yield and analysis" would be very helpfull for us.

    This should not only be possible for the top ten but for all test steps. May be there could be an option activated in the chart view of the measurement values to enable a secound diagram with step time values below the measurement values.

    An unstability in the timing of a test step often shows potential problems of the DUT or test setup.

    Best Regards,


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