Unable to add users in "account" with levels other than manager and analyser




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    Andreas Kristensen


    In the upper left corner of the Account screen, you can see an overview of the available user levels.


    If you need additional users of a given role, please click the Update account button on the top of the screen

    From here you can send an order to us for more users of a given role.

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  • Advait Ghate


    Thank you for quick response. If I understand correctly, for adding new users with given levels, i need to put a request to Virinco through "Upadte Account" and after verification, new users will be added. I cannot simply add new users for the given levels. 

    Please confirm my understanding. 


    Thank you.

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  • Andreas Kristensen

    Yes, that is correct. You can add and remove users freely, but only within the limited number of available user levels (roles). To increase the number of available user levels, use the Update account. We will then manually update the account, and your new user levels will be available shortly.

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