Serial number history should also show UUR history




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    Steffen Amandus Nielsen

    Hey Are,

    Serial number history does show UUT and UUR history. I suspect that the reason you are not seeing UUR history is because the filter used to query serial number history does not match your UUR reports. 

    This behaviour is usually caused when the filter includes both SN and PN (or other values) that does not match / is not contained the UUR report. 

    So please verify that you log your UUR reports with SN and PN, and that the filter applied in Serial number history matches the desired history.


    Steffen @ Virinco

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  • Are Granhaug

    Thanks Steffen,

    Yes, I see the search field for Part Number had 'N/A' entered into it. When I removed that, the UUR is displayed. So I have a work around.

    But then this might be a bug, because I got to that view by going to an UUT report, then through the "Sub unit(s) info" dropdown. By clicking the serial number of the sub unit, it automatically opens the Serial Number History with 'N/A' entered into Part Number. I would say it would make more sense to remove that entry by default.


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  • Steffen Amandus Nielsen

    Hey Are,

    Glad it worked out for you. 

    The "Sub unit" you clicked, which navigated you to Serial Number History, has a value 'N/A', for it's PN field.

    This causes the Serial Number history to query for units and their history where PN = 'N/A'. This will return a response with UUT history, because the UUT reports for the given unit has PN = 'N/A', but not the UUR history, because the UUR reports PN probably is blank (atleast not 'N/A')

    My best guess is be that you use a converter for posting UUT reports to WATS throught our public API, and that the converter sets 'N/A' value on the PN property if it is empty. 

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