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    Elin Unstad


    The StringValueTest can have the following Comparion Operators:

    • IGNORECASE: checks if Equal while ignoring case
    • CASESENSIT: checks if Equal while case sensitive
    • EQ: Equal
    • NE: not Equal
    • GT: greater than, using String.CompareTo-method
    • LT: less than, using String.CompareTo-method
    • GE: greater than or equal using String.CompareTo-method
    • LE: less than or equal using String.CompareTo-method.
    • LOG: No comparison

    We will note the suggestion about Regular Expressions.

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  • Danny Thomson

    Thanks for that info very usefull. Might be a good idea to add this to 

    For myself I have add in my own  


    GELE   --  LabVIEW  Match pattern == true 

        --- so Pattern = mas    string  Christmas     TRUE

    LTGT  --  LabVIEW   Match pattern  == true

      --- so Pattern = mas    string  Easter     TRUE

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