Limits on XYGraphs




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    Tom Andres Lomsdalen

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the input. We are currently redesigning the "chart overlay" function in the web app and will bring this into the discussions. Maybe we can make some improvements on the reporting side to "mark" series as limits during the analytics so you do not have to change (or deal with) this on the client side. Disadvantage then may be that you need to do this each time. We'll discuss it...

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  • Ragnar Engnes


    I think this example will help you:


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  • Erijensen

    Hi Ragnar

    Thanks for the quick reply. I'm not sure it is what I'm looking for. I'm not using the API, I'm using TestStand. I definitely could have been clearer. I apologize. 

    I am using the WATS Custom TestStand Step called "XY Graph Multiple numeric limit test".
    In the example you linked to is there any difference between the various series that are added to the graph? They seem to be equal with only their name to distinguish them. Unless WATS treats data differently if it is called "HighLimit".
    My current situation seems very similar to your example. I am using the XY Graph MNLT Step and upload multiple "series" of data. One is called "Current" or "THD", and others are called "Upper Limit" or "Lower Limit". When displayed the data series seem to be treated equally with no difference between the ones I call "Limit" and the ones I do not. This is fine, but it could be better.

    What I would like was the ability, in the WATS Custom TestStand Step, to designate a specific series as "HighLimit" and have it display differently in the WATS online report. I would like this to propagate to the step chart layover function if possible since the most important part there seems to be the data (at least to me).
    If I use the layover function now, on a graph with 1 series of data and 2 series of limits (upper and lower) then each report would add 3 series to the layover.
    I have zero idea how difficult this would be to implement, but I'd like it implemented so I'm asking for it :-)

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