Statistics overview does not show same number of values as test operations


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  • Ola Lund Reppe

    Hi Natasha,

    if you are referring to the top failures pareto from the Test Step Yield & Analysis report, this is not always possible to replicate with the widget. The reason is that the TSY&A report does calculations in the front end (related to merging) that is not available in the raw data displayed by the widget. The "Step caused UUT failure"-widget also has a cap, showing only for the last 1000 reports.

    The best option to display frequent failures in the dashboard is to use the "Dynamic Yield Chart" widget. Select "Step caused UUT fail" as the only column. This will give you failed steps with no limit of reports analyzed, but still might vary from what you find in TSY&A because of different rules for merging.


    Ola Lund Reppe

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