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  • Jean-Louis Schricke


    What is the procedure for displaying a specific page of a PDF document within a Manual Inspection sequence ?

    Where the PDF document has to be saved  :

    > on the cloud ?

    > on a local network ?

    > on the PC using Operator mode in a web browser ?

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  • Henrik S. Amundsen


    Hi Jean-Louis,

    Currently we support storage/access of Manual Inspection media files to a web location where anonymous access is allowed.


    As of version 2016.2 we also support UNC locations (where the UNC path must be accessible from the WATS server), as well as locations which are password protected. In the Sequence Designer, credentials must be defined in the sequence/step where you have set the “MediaUrl” property referring to the password protected location.


    If you want to display a PDF, you can set the “MediaUrl” property with an web address to the PDF file. This can be set on any sequence/step, but usually this is set in the “root” sequence if only one PDF file is displayed during the test.  The “MediaUrl” is inheritable, so that any sub sequence or step also uses the same URL - but can refer to different pages/sentences in the PDF. More information on this topic is available in our In-App Help documentation: WATS Control Panel -> Manual Inspection Manager -> Sequence Designer.

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