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  • Danny Thomson


    So I am trying for the first time to use Visual Studio and write an attach to UUT report converter.

    My idea is to have a text file with info in it, that is specific to an instance of a UUT report and attach it to the UUT report.

    I assume the key to the UUT report is the UTC Time part number and serial number. I was going to provide that info either as the first line of my text file or in the actual filename. 

    Having go that info I then need to do something like

    UUTReport uutReport = api.FindUUTInstance 

    and then some sort of 

    UUTReport uutReport = api.Attach(UUT Instance, file)

    I have been going through the object browser and I cannot find a method to look up a reference to the UUT report instance or a method to attach to file after I have done so. 

    Sorry if my VS terminology is wrong, but could somebody please give me some help finding the WATS.Interface object and methods if should be looking at.



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  • Danny Thomson

    It would be lovely if an attachment could simply be adding in via the WSTF, some key and then the filepath of the file to import 

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  • Tom Andres Lomsdalen

    Hi Danny, I have created a support ticket for this to follow up.

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