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  • William Liljedahl

    What is best practice in regards to performing a repair that fails?

    1. We run a product through our tester, which fails.
    2. We initiate a repair operation.
    3. We bind the UUR to the latest failed test report UUT.
    4. We suspect that a component is defective and replace it.
    5. We run it through the tester again (UUR report is still open)
    6. The tester lets us know that it still failed at the same step, and we submit the UUR report as an own made code "Repair failed" but still document the Comp ref.
    7. The product is still not passed but we still have repair history on the serial number, and in the future the data shows that swapping X component to fix this step resulted in "Repair failed" count X times.

    How would you deal with repairs that are difficult to problem solve and result in not being able to fix it. Above is our idea of how we would implement the repair module in our processes. The "Code" list is full of root causes, but sometimes this doesn't get solved, but you still made a swap to a product that you want to maintain repair history on.

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  • Tom Andres Lomsdalen

    Hi William,

    It is hard to determine whether a repair did fix the issue or not (as you describe). As example, if you repair/replace first component, test the unit again and it fails, then repair/replace a second component, test the unit and it passes - can you then be certain that the 1st component did not effect the result? It may be that just replacing the second component also had not Passed the unit.

    I think your suggestion is one way of doing it. Another "best practice" is to submit the first repair with "real" repair code, test the unit (fails), then submit a second repair report. Then, in repair analysis, you can use the Run filter to get statistics of the "last" repair reports submitted. This may give you an idea at least of the "final" repairs.

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